TALKERS 2023: Video of “Programming News/Talk Radio in the Digital Era – Part 1” Posted

During the coming days, videos of all of TALKERS 2023’s numerous sessions conducted June 2 at Hofstra University will be posted, beginning today with the panel discussion “Programming News/Talk Radio in the Digital Era – Part 1.” The session, sponsored by Premiere Networksis introduced by Larry O’Connormorning host at WMAL, Washington, DC and moderated by Mike McVay (pictured at right), CEO of McVay Media Consulting. Panelists (pictured below from left to right) include Joe Thomasprogram director/host, WCHV, Charlottesville, VA; Eric StangerSVP operations, Sean Hannity Show/Premiere Networks; Brett Winterblehost, WBT, Charlotte; Kevin DeLanyVP news & talk programming, Westwood One; and Tom Cuddy, program director, WOR, New York. (Note: Matt Meanyprogram director, WABC, New York who was originally scheduled to appear on this panel switched to the “Programming News/Talk Radio in the Digital Era – Part 2” session which will be posted tomorrow.) See the video of this session here.

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