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Working with a big tech company comes with several perks. Apart from a fat paycheckcompanies like Microsoft also offer the latest tools, platforms and advancements in the tech industry, comprehensive benefits packages, free food, on-site amenities and generous paid time off. A video apparently made by Microsoft employees working at its office in Hyderabad shows exactly what it means to work at a 3-trillion dollar company.
A video has been shared on Instagram where Microsoft employees talk about having it all – a huge campus, free snacks, a nap room, a good work-life balance and flexibility to work from anywhere.
You can watch the video here:

According to Microsoft, its Hyderabad campus is spread over 54 acres and consists of three buildings. It is an energy efficient and eco-friendly campus that has hi-tech safety systems and recently bagged a LEED Gold Certification for one of its buildings.
“You can choose to eat at our 24/7 multi-cuisine cafeteria that caters to a diverse range of tastes. Coffee, tea, fruits, health drinks and lassi as well as infused water are available in informal meeting areas on each floor. Hot filter coffee is also available at all facilities. Employees can recharge and refresh at any given time,” the company says.
Apart from these, the company also offers morale outing trips, as per another employee who commented on the reel.
“We are Microsoft employees, of course we went for 4 days of morale outing trip, which is coming soon,” said a Microsoft employee.
“We are Microsoft employees, of course, remote working folks are missing campus and making reels with the team,” another one added.
What Microsoft has to say
Two Microsoft-affiliated accounts responded to the Reel. Microsoft Life commented, “We’re Microsoft Life, of course we love this post!”
“It’s a post by our Microsoft employees, of course it’s gonna be wholesome!” added Microsoft India Development Centre.

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