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As generative AI gets widely accepted by industry, Adobe plans to create a generative AI video model for its Firefly family. This new model is expected to add new tools to its Premiere Pro video editing platform.

The next gen Adobe!

Adobe is expected to explain the third-party AI integrations in its video preview as an “early exploration” of what this might look like “in the future.” Experts explained that the aim is to provide Premiere Pro users with more choice, as per insights from Adobe. The new feature can allow users to use models such as Pika to extend shots or Sora or Runway AI when generating B-roll. “The content credentials labels can be applied to the generated clips to identify which AI models have been used to generate them,” Adobe highlighted.

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Industry expects that the new AI tools along with some proposed third-party integrations with Runway, Pika Labs, and OpenAI’s Sora models can enable Premiere Pro users to generate video. The new AI tool is also expected to help users add or remove objects using text prompts (similar to Photoshop’s generative fill feature) and extend the length of video clips.

What lies ahead?

From what it is understood the new initiative by Adobe can help to foster partnerships with third-party AI companies. The early capabilities of OpenAI’s Sora are expected to blow other offerings and might be better than the early preview Adobe gave of its upcoming Firefly video model. However, Adobe’s advantage over competitors can be the addition of its own Firefly models into its software ecosystem.

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